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Refund and Return Policy at, hereinafter, [Marijuana Accessories]
If your item arrived damaged, defective or missing part/s, please do not return the item. The first step in the process is to immediately contact our customer service department with 24 hours from the receipt of delivery, not the date of purchase. Our customer service department will give you their undivided attention and give you the personal assistance necessary to assist you. You may call customer service Toll Free, Pacific Time between the hours of 0900 – 1700 hours at: 872-529-1199 for any and all inquiries.
We accept returns on most unused products, as well as electronics within their original, unopened packaging, up to 30 days after the order has been placed. If the product has been used, even just once, we cannot accept the return.* Additionally, electronics may contain components within its casing which must be verified as being intact which may delay the process. Example: If a purchase of a laptop computer is made and it is returned with out the motherboard or hard drive no refund would be awarded. 
If in fact an international purchase of any product was made, we’re letting you know up front there are no refunds and or returnable monies on an international out of the country purchase. It is the consumers responsibility to read the product posting and ask any questions prior to purchase.
How to submit a return request:
Sign into your Marijuana Accessories secured account. If you do not have a free account, please set one up with us. Setting up an account is necessary in order to communicate our procedural method of assisting you.
Navigate to our Return Portal and verify your email address.
        Select the purchase order that you’d like to return. Please note, only orders placed within the last 30 calendar days may be eligible to be returned.
        Select the item(s) you would like to return. If you purchased more than one of the exact same item, please ensure you have adjusted the return quantity to reflect how many of that item that you will actually be returning. Remember, if you have questions, you can call us Toll Free: 872-529-1199.
        Review the details of your return for accuracy and submit your return request. You’ll instantly receive your shipping label and a gift card for the amount of your return, (you will not receive any type of currency, minus the cost of return shipping, processing fee and or re-stocking fee, if any.
        Download and print your shipping label, pack up your items in the packaging materials and box they came in, secure the shipping label to the box, and drop it off at your nearest carrier matching your shipping label. Example: USPS – United States Postal Service, DHL – International Carrier.
        Start shopping for a replacement instantly using the gift card code provided! Gift cards work the same as cash in our store. They can be combined with discount codes, they can be used toward the purchase of any item at, remember to use it within 30 days of receipt.
Start shopping now, and we’ll ship your order as soon as we see that your return has started making its way back to us.
Credit card refunds can be arranged by special request once your return has been received and inspected. Credit Card refunds can be issued only to the card used at the time of purchase.
*If a returned item is deemed used upon inspection, it is immediately destroyed. The used item cannot be replaced, a refund cannot be issued, and we will take action to prevent any future orders from that customer account. In the event, a consumer makes large purchases with the intent to defraud our company will contact the consumer prior to the purchase being shipped for verification purposes.
*The term, “used” for the purposes of this policy is defined as: “Having already been used.” Example: If you purchase a pipe and you place tobacco in the pipe or any other substance and ignite the tobacco or substance with a match, or any other device and you on your own volition smoke, or attempt to smoke, which includes anyone else who may do the same… that substance and or tobacco from the purchased pipe, it is then deemed, “used.” Another example would be: If you purchase coffee mug and you fill it with any type of substance and you drink from that coffee mug, or someone you associate drinks from the coffee mug then it is deemed, “used.” Again, we’re offering our telephone number where you can call Toll Free based on the aforementioned hours of operation to speak to our customer service department.
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