Marijuana Accessories About Us

My family bloodline has a long line of entrepreneurs and dreamers. As an American living on the West coast it seemed everybody had a business. I started thinking of an online business but knew I needed a good domain name to make it happen.








Years, later I was able to purchase through an associate broker.  I held on to the name for several years not really knowing its vertical.  I was mostly waiting for the cannabis industry to evolve. Jumping ahead, the cannabis industry has made great strides in legalization and I knew it was time to get this thing going.

Of course, my family and I started on the social media aspect of it years ago and have built a huge following along the way. Today, we can honestly say our start up has taken off and due to its name we have it pegged!

Accordingly, we'd love to have you list your products with us! We're family driven and will talk to you one on endless phone calls but just a friendly networking.

Our mission is to be connected as a discord community and build a relationship with like minded businesses. We're located near Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A. and do business around the world. We're connected to nearly every top seller of accessories in one way or the other. We will take over the market share its just a matter of time....  Here is my personal cellphone 872-529-1199, call me anytime...

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