Ryot 1905 Wood Grinders
Ryot's premium 1905 Wood Grinders deliver smoothly ground herb with every use. Durable and portable, these unique accessories are engineered to perfection.  Styles Eye Grinder Fly Grinder Slim Grinder Square Grinder Specs 2.91 (L) x 2.28 (W) x 1.18 (H) inches...
Heavy Wood Grinder With Zinc Shredder - 60mm - (1 Count)
Most grinders you see are made of aluminum or another type of metal, and that's what makes this exceptional quality wood grinder different. With a heavy-duty wood exterior and a zinc top shredder on the inside, it's a powerful device...
2" Wood With Aluminum Insert 2 Part Part Grinder - Various Designs - (1 Count) - Astronaut
Features: Wood Engraved  Aluminum Teeth  Dimensions 2" diameter 2 Part Various Designs 
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RYOT-Kannastor Wood GR8TR Grinder with Jar Body
Another addition to Ryot's grinding and storage solutions is this Wood GR8TR, made with a combination of wood and glass. This grinder features the patented Kannastör GR8TR design with razor-sharp teeth, but this time made with beautiful wood. Its bottom...
Genie 4 parts faux wood window grinder
Every stoner out there understands just how important it is to have a grinder that is both convenient and effective. A perfect grinder by definition is a one that can effectively grind a bud with compromising on its quality and...
GR8TR All Wood Grinder
Building on the RYOT nearly two decade reputation for it’s unique and well crafted all wood grinders, the new Walnut GR8TR utilizes the patented Kannastör GR8TR grinding technology for the best grind every time.  Specs 2.25 inches W x 2.25...
Leaf carved 2 parts wooden grinder
More sizes available
Leaf carved 2 parts wooden grinder
You can buy wooden grinder' but there will always be a class associated with wooden grinder that you just won't find in any other type of grinder. Wooden grinder used to be the sign of class ' anyone could get...
Wood Grinder Medium - (2.0")
Wooden grinder Sharp teeth 2 piece 2.0" (50mm)
Sharper Wooden Grinder - (2.0")
Sharper Grinder Wooden Shell Zinc teeth 3 piece 2.0" (50mm)
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