Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana After Age 40 — Eat This

Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana After Age 40 — Eat This


Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the United States, with an estimated 21.9 million adults using it in 2018. Despite this popularity and widespread use, there are still many myths about cannabis — including some that are quite surprising. For example: You might think that smoking marijuana would actually increase your appetite by giving you an appetite suppressant effect or by triggering the release of dopamine (which makes you feel good). But these aren't necessarily true!

There are many different ways to use marijuana from eating it as food to mixing it into drinks at parties or even just putting on a pair of glasses and taking a hit from your vape pen every morning before going to work. Or, for a few hours before coming home again at night so that everyone knows how cool she/he is because he/she has something called "legal weed" now instead of resorting back onto heroin which obviously isn't really cool anymore anyway since it's been done before once upon time like four years ago when everyone was doing heroin until then but now not anymore because now everyone knows better than that since they have taste buds too so they know what tastes good & bad together together together which means no more heroin please ever ever again thanks very much bye bye

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Read this before toking up.

Marijuana is a recreational drug, but it's also a drug that can have serious side effects. If you're planning to use marijuana after age 40, it's important to be aware of the potential dangers and how to avoid them.

  • Smoking marijuana can cause lung problems including asthma and bronchitis. If you have asthma or other respiratory conditions, smoking may make your condition worse or even cause an attack. Respiratory issues are not just dangerous for smokers; people who live with smokers are at greater risk for lung conditions as well!
  • Mixing alcohol with marijuana increases both their risks—and those risks don't just apply to adults who smoke pot regularly: kids who drink heavily may also be harmed by mixing their two drugs together (even if they never smoked before). For example: one study found that women were more likely than men to drink while pregnant due in part because they were less likely than men not only when compared against another behavior like smoking cigarettes but also when compared across all behaviors combined (including eating fast food).

Your sex life may change.

If you’re looking to have sex, consider that cannabis may not be the best thing for your performance. In fact, it can actually make it harder for men and women to climax during sex.

Why? Because marijuana can slow down your heart rate and lower blood pressure, which can make you feel relaxed and less anxious about getting intimate with others. This is great news if you want to take advantage of all those benefits without worrying about any negative effects on performance later on—but if this sounds like too much work (or just plain weird), don't worry: there are plenty of other ways that marijuana can help improve both your quality of life and relationships.

But let's get back to those less pleasant side effects...

Your social media usage may increase.

In order to get the most out of your cannabis experience, it's important that you don't smoke too much. The more THC in your system and the longer you're high (which can be up to six hours), the less receptive a person becomes. This can lead to social withdrawal, depression or anxiety — not ideal when trying to enjoy yourself with friends!

So what should you do if this happens? If a friend wants some company but doesn't have enough time or patience for an evening spent watching Netflix or playing video games on your couch together—or even if they just want something interesting on their phone while they wait in line at Starbucks—consider joining them! You'll probably find that both parties benefit from being more active online than off because social media offers plenty of opportunities for connection and conversation between people who might otherwise never meet each other face-to-face again after being apart for months/years at once."

You may become more creative.

If you're a creative type and have been trying to cultivate your mind, cannabis could be the key.

Cannabis can help you discover new ways of thinking, according to a study released in 2007 by Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The researchers found that people who took marijuana were more likely than their non-smoking counterparts to come up with ideas that had never been thought of before. They also tended to think outside the box — an important trait for anyone who wants to solve problems and find solutions for everyday life problems (or even just spend time on some creative projects).

You may get the munchies — a lot.

Munchies are a common side effect of marijuana use, and they can be both good and bad depending on your situation. While you may feel more hungry after using cannabis, it generally doesn’t mean that you should eat until you burst! Munchies are caused by THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) interacting with your brain’s endocannabinoid system; this has been linked to increased appetite as well as addiction issues down the line if used regularly or excessively over time. If you have diabetes or other health problems that put you at risk for getting high blood sugar levels too quickly after eating (like type 2 diabetes), then munchies could be dangerous for your body because it could cause hyperglycemia which leads to serious complications like heart attack or stroke if left untreated for too long…

You run a greater risk of addiction and dependence.

The risk of addiction and dependence is higher for older people.

The risk of addiction and dependence is higher for people who use cannabis more frequently.

The risk of addiction is higher for people who use cannabis more frequently.

Cannabis affects everyone differently, so it's a good idea to figure out how it impacts you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially before making any decisions.

Cannabis affects everyone differently, so it's a good idea to figure out how it impacts you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially before making any decisions.

You can't be sure if cannabis is right for you until you try it.


If you're 40 or older, you've probably heard some of the same advice over and over: don't use marijuana. But it may be time to reconsider your stance on this drug, especially if you're ready to start feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.


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