Revolutionary Freeze Pipe Bong

Our Head Shop presents The Freeze Pipe Bong: A Revolutionary Way to Smoke

As a young college student, John loved nothing more than to kick back with his friends and enjoy a good smoke. But he was always frustrated by the harshness of the smoke and the hot, uncomfortable feeling it left in his throat. He tried all kinds of different smoking devices, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

One day, while scrolling through Instagram, John stumbled upon an ad for the Freeze Pipe Bong. It promised to deliver an ultra-smooth, ice-cold hit that would revolutionize the way he smoked. Intrigued, John decided to give it a try.

Freeze Pipe Bong

The Freeze Pipe Bong is a midsize beaker style bong that includes a freezable, glycerin filled chamber that securely snaps onto the bubbler base. The base uses a 45 degree diffused downstem percolator and chugs like a champ. When the smoke hits the water in the base, it's chilled and filtered, but 99% of Bongs stop there. For the Freeze Pipe Bong, the fun is just getting started. Next on the smoke's journey is a trip through a frozen glycerin filled chamber for maximum smoothness and refreshment.


  • Diffused downstem perc


  • Ergonomic size 


  • 14mm bowl with a 45 degree joint


  • Attachable glycerin chamber


  • Free upgraded honeycomb bowl


What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a gel-like liquid that is able to reach freezing temperatures quicker and stay cold longer than ice without freezing solid and cracking the glass. It is housed in a sealed chamber so it won't melt like ice in a regular ice pinch piece where it then trickles down and overfills the percolation chamber. It's completely safe, non-toxic, and typically found in food and sweeteners. 

How to Use Freeze Pipe Glycerin Chamber

 - Place the glycerin chamber in the freezer and let sit for at least 1 hour. It is okay to leave in there longer or even store it in the freezer so it is always ready when you are

- Connect the joints of the glycerin chamber and the base. Then, grab the black clip and put the wider side of the clip on the base piece and the slimmer side on the glycerin chamber. Once in place, gently press down on the connector until it snaps into place.

The Benefits of a Freeze Pipe Bong

The first time John used his new Freeze Pipe Bong, he was blown away by the difference it made. The smoke was incredibly smooth and refreshing, thanks to the ice chamber that cooled it down as it passed through. The harshness and discomfort he had always experienced were completely gone, leaving him feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Over the next few weeks, John continued to use his Freeze Pipe Bong regularly. He noticed that he was coughing less, and his throat and lungs felt healthier than ever before. He also appreciated the fact that the bong was incredibly easy to clean, thanks to its simple, straightforward design.

How the Freeze Pipe Bong Works

The Freeze Pipe Bong works by utilizing a unique ice chamber that cools down the smoke as it passes through. The chamber is filled with a special gel that freezes quickly and stays frozen for hours, ensuring that the smoke stays cool and refreshing for the entire session.

The bong itself is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is durable and resistant to heat. It features a wide base and a sturdy stem that makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold.

The Science Behind the Freeze Pipe Bong

The science behind the Freeze Pipe Bong is actually quite simple. When smoke is cooled down, it becomes less harsh and more comfortable to inhale. This is because the cool air reduces the amount of heat and irritation that the smoke causes in the throat and lungs.

The ice chamber in the Freeze Pipe Bong works by cooling down the smoke as it passes through. This has the added benefit of removing some of the harmful toxins and carcinogens that are often present in smoke, making it a healthier and safer way to enjoy your favorite herbs.

The Future of Smoking

John was so impressed with his Freeze Pipe Bong that he started telling all of his friends about it. Soon, everyone in his circle was using one, and they were all amazed by the difference it made.

Word of the Freeze Pipe Bong began to spread, and before long, it was one of the most popular smoking devices on the market. People loved its simplicity, its effectiveness, and its health benefits.

Today, the Freeze Pipe Bong is still going strong, and it's considered by many to be the future of smoking. As more and more people become aware of the harmful effects of traditional smoking methods, they're turning to innovative products like the Freeze Pipe Bong to enjoy their favorite herbs in a safer, healthier way.

The Freeze Pipe Bong Community

As the popularity of the Freeze Pipe Bong grew, a community of enthusiasts began to form around it. People shared tips and tricks for using the bong, recommended their favorite strains to try, and even hosted their own Freeze Pipe Bong parties.

John was thrilled to be a part of this community. He loved being able to connect with other like-minded individuals who shared his passion for smoking and his commitment to a healthier, safer lifestyle.

The Freeze Pipe Bong vs. Traditional Smoking Devices

One of the things that set the Freeze Pipe Bong apart from traditional smoking devices was its efficiency. Because the smoke was cooled down as it passed through the ice chamber, users were able to get more out of each hit, meaning they needed to use less herb to achieve the desired effect.

This made the Freeze Pipe Bong a cost-effective choice for smokers who were looking to save money. It also meant that it was more environmentally friendly, as users needed to purchase and consume less herb overall.

The Freeze Pipe Bong and Legalization

As more and more states began to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use, the Freeze Pipe Bong became an even more popular choice for smokers. People who were new to smoking or who had previously avoided it because of the harshness and discomfort of traditional methods were now able to enjoy their favorite herbs in a healthier, more enjoyable way.

John was excited to see the progress that was being made towards legalization. He believed that products like the Freeze Pipe Bong were a great way to help change the perception of smoking and to promote a more responsible, healthy approach to using cannabis.

The Freeze Pipe Bong Goes Mainstream

As the Freeze Pipe Bong continued to gain in popularity, it began to make appearances in mainstream media. Celebrities were spotted using it, and it was featured in magazines and on television shows.

Some people were concerned that this would lead to the commodification and commercialization of the product, but John was confident that the Freeze Pipe Bong would continue to maintain its integrity and quality, regardless of how popular it became.

The Freeze Pipe Bong Legacy

As John grew older and eventually stopped smoking, he looked back on his experiences with the Freeze Pipe Bong with fondness. He was proud to have been a part of the community that had helped to popularize such an innovative and effective smoking device.

He knew that the Freeze Pipe Bong had changed the way that many people thought about smoking, and that it had helped to promote a healthier, more responsible approach to cannabis use. He was grateful to have been a part of that movement, and he hoped that the legacy of the Freeze Pipe Bong would continue for generations to come.

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